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Frequently Asked Questions

NOTICE: Your account is set up manually and it may take a day to set up

We've officially launched early access beta and are excited to have you join our journey. You can now access your account and start exploring all the features we have to offer.

How to Log In?

General Concerns

How do I give feedback?

Please click here to give feedback or report potential bugs.

Can we get more training on using Groove.ai?

Although Groove.ai is brand new and still in early beta, rest assured! All of the training you need will be coming. In the meantime, Mike is going live regularly with training on Youtube and Facebook!

You can also keep tabs on the Groove.ai blog right here and the Groove.ai training portal is here.

Can I add multiple users?

This is not currently possible in our early beta version, however it is a feature we want to implement!

Where are my credits?

We are not yet finished with the system to manage Groove based API credits, so your credits will not appear in your account for several weeks.

Until that time you will need to use an OpenAI API for Groove.ai to work. You will be able to cancel that service if you choose once the credit system is in place. Click here to learn how to set up OpenAI with Groove.ai.

Where is the Groove.ai training portal located?

Click here to login to the Groove.ai members area.

Account Setup

Why isn't my account working after I updated?

If you updated your account, make sure everyone with access logs out, refreshes the page, and logs back in. Then you will need to add your API keys back in. From now on your API keys should be stored in your account.


Why isn't my email working for password reset?

Please make sure to only use the email address you used to purchase Groove.ai, if you use a different email address the system will not recognize you as a buyer and it will not send out the forgotten password email.

This must be the EXACT email you purchased with. Capital letters if you added them originally, zero capitals if you did not. If you still encounter issues, reach out to support with a video of you trying to log in (this helps us locate the issue, especially if there's a bug we need to track!)

I copy/pasted my login, why won't it work?

It's common for users to copy spaces or other invisible marks from the email. Please make sure there are no spaces before or after your username and password. 


Do I need to pay for an API key with OpenAI?

You do need an API key through OpenAI and to start you will need to load say $10 to your billing in OpenAI. These credits are at wholesale price and very very cheap. You can learn more about setting that up by clicking here.

Also, we are actively working on the Groove.ai-based credit system, so your credits will not appear in your account for several weeks. You will be able to cancel the OpenAI service if you choose once the Groove.ai credit system is in place.

Must I pay Open AI to use Groove.ai? I thought my purchase is Lifetime access to Groove.ai

You need an API through Open.ai and to start you will need to load say $10 to your billing in Open.ai, remember these credits are at wholesale price and very very cheap.

Can I setup auto charge in my OpenAI account?

Yes, under billing (click here). When your credit balance reaches $0, your API requests will stop working. Enable automatic recharge to automatically keep your credit balance topped up.

Can I use multiple OpenAI API keys in one Groove.ai account?

Yes. Users can create multiple AI services using different OpenAI API keys. For each project, they can then decide which AI service they want to use.

Pinecone.io & Knowledge Bases

What do I select for Coding Language in Pinecone.io?

The language related dialog is irrelevant for our users purposes since we handle all connections to pinecone in our app. So if you find this dialogue, it doesn't matter what is selected there.

As a matter of fact if, for whatever reason, you decided to connect to pinecone directly via their API and play around with the page-4 (which we are also connected to in our app) it will create more issues for us and impact our knowledgebase implementation.

How much can I upload to my knowledge base?

With Groove.ai connected with Pinecone.io you can have an unlimited number of knowledge bases up to 100MB total (or 25 Bibles worth of text) on the free plan.

This means you can have 20 different knowledge bases with 5MB each or 1 knowledge base with 100MB.

Why does it keep telling me invalid pinecone credentials?

Most commonly, people are accidentally copying their page-4 URL instead of their page-4 name you can see below the information you need to copy from that page:

Do I need to pay $70PM to Pinecone.io?

You don't need to pay anything to Pinecone.io for your account to work with Groove.ai! Our system takes care of everything.

But Pinecone.io is telling me I can only have one free knowledge base!

It is important to note that their projects do not equal our Groove.ai projects, and only one pinecone account is needed per Groove.ai account.

Why are my files still "pending"?

The info you use to train the knowledge base will have a “pending” status until you click the train button in the upper right. If you clicked this and the "pending" status remains for longer than several minutes, you may want to double check that your pinecone.io credentials are correct. 

I am trying to delete a doc or text from inside the knowledge base?

This is a current known bug that the devs are working on.

I have other issues with the knowledge base!

Don't worry, we're working on it! This is our early beta release, and the official beta isn't scheduled until January. Our team is actively engaged in making this the best platform out there!

If one works with a small team in the software, do we each need to set up a pinecone account seperately, or is it one account for the entire team?

You will only connect one Pinecone.io account to one Groove.ai account. Only if your team is using multiple Groove.ai accounts will you need to worry about multiple Pinecone.io accounts. 


Can I train it to learn my own style of written voice? Also can you adjust to UK spelling?

You can train it to learn your own style of written voice by using the presets.

White Label

How can I start to promote my white label that will release January 2024?

Obviously the release is not till Jan 2024 but you can start to tease people, get them on a waitlist and much more to get prepared. All who have taken the White Label option can create, design and build their white label brand out as soon as they want.

How do I sign up for Groove.ai white label?

You can sign up here - https://groove.ai/page-5