Your Groovy AI Newsletter

Your Groovy AI Newsletter

Mar 09, 2023


It's Groovio, your mascot. Welcome to the first issue of "YourGroovy AI Newsletter." Issues will be delivered to your inbox every Thursday.

The goal of the newsletter is to keep you informed about AI so you can put it to good use...and maybe be a little entertainment thrown in.

You can expect to get curated links and information. There are tons of placesto get links and info from. But the goal of this newsletter is to select the ones that might serve you well. Hopefully this will help support you and your business going forward as an early adopter of

There were a lot of great links, resources and training given during the Groove-A-Thon and the webinar the week before. And I'm sure that you would like to have one document with links to everything. So we've put that all together for you.

Here's the link:

Groove-A-Thon Links Doc

Here's a quote you might have heard...

This statement has become widely known and cited by many. It's from ArthurC. Clarke's "Profiles of the Future: An Inquiry into the Limits of the Possible"was published in 1962. It contained his famous Three Laws. While each of the laws is insightful, it is the third, the above quote -- that technology can beso advanced that it appears to be magic -- that has gained the most recognition.

It seems oddly appropriate for the present, doesn't it?

Here's something that ties in with that "magic" part...

"Deepfake technology, and artificial intelligence in general, has gotten dramatically better over the course of the last year, so much so that late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel was able to convincingly interview a 20-year-old version of himself on live TV."

You've gotta see this. It's might say "magical" LOL. Click on the image:

The Future:

And then in the "What's After AI?" category...

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water (sorry, Jaws) or in this case, just when you thought AI was THE THING...along comes OI.

What's that, you ask? The next thing...OI...

“Organoid Intelligence” –

Revolutionary Biocomputers Powered by Human Brain Cells

Don't look at me funny. Yes, it's a thing. According to :

"Scientists across multiple disciplines are working to create revolutionary biocomputers where three-dimensional cultures of brain cells, called brain organoids, serve as biological hardware."

Geez. The next thing you know they'll be talking about injecting these biocomputers into humans to make super humans that put AI to shame...WAIT! That's not possible, is it?

Let's come down to earth... because next, I'd like to tell you a little story...yes, folks, it's story time. LOL. Here it is...

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Maya who dreamed of becoming a successful entrepreneur. However, she lacked the technical skills to create the kind of innovative products she had in mind. That was until she discovered the power of AI.

Maya stumbled upon an AI system that could analyze market trends and consumer behavior. She realized that with this system, she could create products that were tailored to what people really wanted.

She began by inputting her ideas into the AI system, and it instantly started generating data-driven recommendations. Using this information, Maya was able to create a line of products that were a huge hit with consumers.

As her business grew, Maya continued to use the AI system to optimize her marketing strategy and fine-tune her products. She was able to make data-driven decisions that helped her stay ahead of the competition.

Thanks to her success, Maya was soon approached by a group of investors who were interested in funding her business. With their support, Maya was able to scale up her operations and expand her reach to new markets.

Through it all, Maya never forgot the role that AI had played in her success.She continued to use the AI system to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.As her business continued to grow, Maya became a leading voice in the world of AI-driven entrepreneurship.

In the end, Maya's story showed that with the right tools and mindset, anyone can use AI to create a successful and fulfilling career. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a marketer, or a creative professional, AI can help you unlock new opportunities and achieve your dreams.

--- THE END ---

So, there's the story. Just a little look at the possible future of online marketing with AI. And as you might have guessed, it was written by ChatGPT...after a bit of strategic prompting and coercing...things you won't have to worry as much about when gets up and running.

I hope you enjoyed our premiere issue. Until next week...